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What is iPoint Suite powered SustainHub?

The iPoint SustainHub is a universal cloud-based data hub for exchanging compliance and sustainability data throughout the supply chain. It allows for integration of multiple sustainability data collections in one place and is part of the iPoint Suite.
The iPoint Suite offers single sign-on access to the Conflict Minerals, Compliance (REACH, RoHS) and Supply Chain Survey applications, as well as further iPoint solutions with cloud capability.

How can I access the iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform (iPCMP)?

To access your existing iPCMP user account, all you have to do is re-enter your email address and current password.

How do I get access to other iPoint Suite applications?

Simply enter your email address and current password. You will then see the active applications as well as upcoming applications on your iPoint Suite dashboard. Once registered with iPoint Suite, you have free access to the Basic version of the iPoint Conflict Minerals, iPoint Compliance and iPoint Supply Chain Survey apps.

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