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Conflict Minerals

Compliance with international Conflict Minerals legislation (USA, EU)

Depending on your licence type you can use features and functionalities like:

  • Management of incoming and outgoing Conflict Minerals compliance requests
  • Automation of data collection & reporting
  • Smelter management & analysis
  • RCOI data management
  • Supply chain risk assessment
  • Corrective action plan

The iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform is now part of the iPoint SustainHub.

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More information about licensing can be found on the iPoint web page.

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Material Compliance

Handling of different material compliance regulations (RoHS, REACH, ELV/IMDS/CAMDS, WEEE) through entire supply chain

Depending on your licence type you can use features and functionalities like:

  • Management of incoming and outgoing material compliance requests
  • Verification of supplier feedback
  • Supplier risk management
  • SVHC risk analysis

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Supply Chain Questionnaire

A survey tool that grows with your supply chain

Use the Supply Chain Questionnaire app to exchange information and handle parallel supplier processes.
The app enables you to create flexible questionnaires based on customizable templates
and send out additional campaigns to your suppliers to request information aside from the substance or material based regulations.

The best way to capture information is to just ask. Start the communication with your supply chain today.

Start to communicate with your supply chain today no matter if you want to collect information on social aspects like human trafficking or anti slavery, collect information about the usage of cobalt or find out if your suppliers are prepared for BREXIT.

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